Good Business

Our Values

Our values have always guided us to follow ethical business practices. We do not employ any child workers and ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Empowering women Workers

We have more women workers as compared to men because we wish to empower women and make them financially independent.

Training the unskilled

Training the unskilled workers and turning them into our skilled assets is our style of working. It encourages our workers and improves productivity and performance.

Quality Assurances

We follow Uster 5%, 25%, and 50% norms for yarn inspections as per the requirement and the American 4 point system for fabric defect analysis. We have the best team for quality management.

How we ensure the best quality?
  • We have technically qualified QC personnel for shipment inspections.
  • Our ERP system helps us ensure the quality standards of the buyers are met.
  • We follow Uster 5% norms, 25% norms, and 50% norms for yarns as per buyer requirement.
  • American 4 point inspection system is followed for fabric inspections.
  • We update our machines and testing instruments regularly.
  • 10% random sampling from ready shipment is inspected.