We started with cotton yarns, and here we are today, catering to the woven grey fabric needs of the industry as well.

The 100% woven grey fabric range comprises of:

Quality Width Weave Type
OE 20X20/60X60 50"-114" Plain
CD 30X30/68X68 50"-114" Plain
CM 40X40/133X72 63"-69" Twill
CM 60X60/90X88 63"-69" Plain
CM 60X60/170X105 63"-69" Satin

Looking for Single Filled Duck? Find it here!

Quality Width Weave Type
OE 10X6/76X28 48"-120" Oxford
OE 10X10/40X26 48"-120" Plain
OE 16X18/84X28 48"-120" plain
OE 14X14/74X37 48"-120" Plain